VivoBarefoot Eclipse Running Sandals VIV30006105

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The Eclipse is an ancient running sandal, refined for the modern world. Adjustable fastening on the toe and insole allows optimum control as you move, whilst the ultra-thin, puncture resistant sole keeps you close to the ground beneath. …
  • Total Flexibility - To allow the great toe to engage rapidly for independent rear and forefoot movement.
  • Patented Ultra-Thin, Puncture Resistant Sole - For maximum proprioception.
  • Adjustable fastening - Allows optimum control.
  • Hexagon sole design - Great multi-surface traction.
  • Sole thickness - 5mm

About VivoBarefoot

VivoBarefoot was started up by two cousins, from a long line of cobblers dating back to 1825. Originally created in Somerset, the company is now based in Farringdon, London.

VivoBarefoot have travelled the world and worked with an array of leading modern and indigenous shoemakers. After a fruitful exploration, they came back to the beginning. The company is on a quest to find the perfectly designed shoe for your feet. Their goal is to give the wearer the chance for reconnection: with their feet, their childhood and the rest of the world.

VivoBarefoot believe that everyone should use all of their bones, muscles and nerve endings, all with a shoe that let the feet do their natural thing.

VivoBarefoot Eclipse Running Sandals VIV30006105